Mission Statement:

To positively impact the lives of those in our community by assessing needs, uniting partner organizations, agencies and volunteers and devoting our financial resources and efforts to the most critical needs.


  1. Create an ongoing community assessment capability via expanded “Community Conversations”.

  2. Continue prioritized financial support to local 501c3 agencies.

  3. Unite community resources to more effectively meet critical needs

  4. Devote resources (financial and direct efforts) to improve financial stability for those in need.

  5. Create an initial framework for in-community workforce development initiatives.


  1. Assessing community needs/solutions/capabilities/impacts.

    1. Keep a log of requests, referrals, opportunities and open issues

    2. Expand the scope and involvement of “Community Conversations”

    3. Partner with 2-3 organizations and with similar goals and objectives

  2. Review allocated financial resources semi-annually for scope and impacts

  3. Uniting partner organizations, agencies and volunteers

    1. Sponsor the creation of an integrated community solution network

    2. Promote the expansion and utilization of the 211 system 

    3. Expand the “Day of Caring” concept to multiple events per year

  4. Expand the financial and volunteer resources and their capabilities

    1. Increase annual campaign results to $____ /year

    2. Pursue specific grants for critical need areas

    3. Recruit an expanded network of volunteers/contributors

    4. Sponsor personal finance management training - Dave Ramsey classes

  5. Create an initial framework for “in-community” workforce development

    1. Identify career needs/opportunities and professional volunteers

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