1. Your dollars go further. One gift to the United Way helps more people in more ways than a gift to a single agency.  By donating to the United Way, you support a network of services that together serve the entire community. When you choose to invest in your community, you may not have the time or the resources to figure our where your charitable dollars would be best spent. By choosing United Way to manage your gift, you are guaranteed experience, accountability and effectiveness. Our Board of Directors ensures that the charities you support through the United Way adhere to sound fiscal policies and provide necessary results-oriented services.
  2. By giving to the United Way you are investing in a better community. We understand you already support various organizations like your alma matter, your church and others and we respect that; we are asking that you simply extend your giving by investing in your community.
  3. You don’t think you benefit from any of the agencies United Way helps support? Chances are you no someone who has already benefited from one of our agencies. And you never know when illness, accident, or a natural disaster might strike you or your family. But, even if you never need a United Way agency, it benefits you and your family to live in a healthy community.
  4. Your money really does stay local! All of our current 16 partner agencies are locally operated and serve our community. We work very hard to keep our operating costs at less than 10% so more of your money goes to the agencies we support. Our extremely low overhead ensures that the vast majority of your money goes to people in need. That means that nearly $.90 of every dollar given is given to the agencies. You cannot get that rate of return at many other charities and it far exceed the Better Business Bureau’s guidelines!

Still not sure why to give to the United Way? Please contact our office at 765-647-2789!

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